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Nicole Castellanos is a creative and outgoing professional with demonstrated experience within multiple fields of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s covering a red carpet, coordinating internal execution of movie trailers, or assisting in booking talent for editorials, events, and television promos; it is Nicole’s creativity and ability to quickly establish trusting relationships that position her to continuously thrive in this challenging industry.


Nicole has worked with a variety of notable companies, and people, including interning for a well-known entertainment journalist, writing creative content for Dick Clark Productions, and coordinating creative content and voice-over recordings in relation to trailers and promotions for many major television and movie networks. She is extremely passionate about being able to tell stories through multiple mediums. Whether it is an influencer/ brand collaboration, a trailer campaign, a television promo, or conceptualizing original memes and social content, Nicole is in love with the concept that an interesting, original story can be told no matter what the medium is. When Nicole isn’t binge-watching her favorite shows and films, she is usually out on the town networking, or at home baking chocolate chip cookies and watching The Golden Girls.


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